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"One fun 15 minute game just blew me away. It showed me clearly why I was in my mess and what I needed to do to change it. Just 15 minutes to solve a problem I had struggled with for 2 years!"
John Radclyffe, WorldGAMES founder

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- a brief illustration of the power of learning games.

About WorldGAMES

WorldGAMES is the collector, creator and designer of over 800 fun and engaging training games, exercises, simulations, tools and experiential programs. Everything you need for effective action learning. Discover for yourself the magic of the most natural learning process in the world: the power of games as metaphors that relate directly to the workplace. If you want to know how to:

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"Emblazon these words on your mind: learning is more effective when it’s fun."
Peter Kline The Everyday Genius

WorldGAMES creates fun, effective and lasting training:


. Our games are powerful metaphors for what happens in the workplace. They are fun, mostly competitive, have rules and winners. As children we learn best through playing games and as adults they are just as effective. Click on Products for information about our great business training games packs, games summaries or read about how to use experiential games in training.


Exercises are non competitive learning activities that lead participants to a desired outcome. Like games they are fun, active and effective learning tools. Unlike games, there are no set rules and many of them can be played alone. Games and exercises used in conjunction with each other form a very powerful learning combination. Click on Products for information about our great business training games and exercise packs, exercise summaries or read about how to use experiential exercises in training.


While games are metaphors, rather than mirrors of the workplace, simulations parallel real life. They are like special filters that compact and enhance the action, raising the key points clear of the surrounding detail so that they can be more clearly understood and actioned. Simulations are used to illustrate the differences that make the difference. Click on Business Simulations for more information on WorldGAMES facilitation of the powerful board-based Business Today International business simulations.

"The transfer of the learning from the training room to the job has been truly remarkable"

HR Manager - Kelloggs Australia


Experiential Programs are a combination of games, exercises, simulations and tools packaged to achieve a specific learning outcome. There are currently 39 different off-the-shelf programs available covering a broad range of the “soft skills” (non-technical). They work because they are fun, active, engaging and comprehensive.

"It is possible to speed up the learning process anywhere from five to twenty times."

Charles Schmid
Click on Programs for more information on the exciting WorldGAMES range of programs and how to use experiential learning in training.

Games, exercises, simulations, tools and programs come in the following packages:

Ready to run training games mini packs for everyone

Whether you are running a conference, looking to spice up your training or having a corporate day out, this E-book style selection of packages of our most popular games is designed for anyone to facilitate using our simple to follow Games Facilitator Guides. Everything you need to play, except the props. Fast (by return e-mail), great value for money, and complete with tips for using experiential games.

Silver Training Games Disk

250 of our best business training games and exercises, for you to enhance your own training. For in-house company trainers or independent training organisations. Never be stuck for ideas again, 250 experiential activities in Adobe pdf format on CD.

Ready to run Training Programs

Everything you need to run complete workshops except the props.

Assessment Centres

In one-on-one feedback sessions, we have witnessed a greater than 95% correlation between the way participants behave in a series of experiential activities and the way they behave in the workplace. There is no more powerful way to predict future behaviour that past and current behaviour. Assessment Centres are powerful selection tools and identifiers of team drivers and barriers. Using your key competencies, we help design an assessment process to meet your precise needs and outcomes.

Conference Packages

Conferences can be your worst nightmare full of dry corporate data and speeches or they can be the most effective way to build teamwork, shared spirit and high levels of motivation. WorldGAMES Conference Packages enliven and motivate even the largest gathering.

Corporate Challenge Fun Days

If you want maximum fun, challenge, action, something for everyone and with incidental learning "by osmosis", then check out our Corporate Challenge events. We have run them for up to 610 participants, indoors or out.

WorldGAMES Facilitated Training Programs

If you’d rather, leave it all to us. We will design a training program that meets your unique needs and requirements. Using the more than 800 activities, tools and programs at our disposal, we can design the perfect program for your desired outcomes, space or time limitations and participant profiles.


Want to know more about us? Click here for more information on WorldGAMES facilitators and history.

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If you prefer to contact us directly, click here to email WorldGAMES, or call us on +61 2 9939 1105.

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