WorldGAMES Business Simulations

condensed business reality with:

the power ... to evolve your people ... to their true potential

Choose from 3 exciting options:

2 - 3 day International Board-Based Business Simulations

Business Today
Over 60 internationally acclaimed industry specific board simulations with maximum power to transform your business. Learn more...

1 day Reality Modeling / Decision-based Simulations

Business Essentials
series of totally customisable decision-based simulations. Mirror your organisation's business models and market dynamics precisely. An upmarket experience that breaks down traditional silos and creates breakthrough learning. Fully customised to your business and markets, computer enhanced. Learn more...

½ day Simulation Games

Specific Business Rewards
Totally customisable, 2½ to 3½ hours board simulation using a well-known board game as base. Ideal for emphasising key profit drivers and pitfalls. Fun, fast and competitive. Learn more...

All WorldGAMES Simulations provide participants with a:

All in a realistic business setting.

"The transfer of the learning from the training room to the job has been truly remarkable" HR Manager - Kelloggs Australia

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