The best predictor of future behaviour is past and present behaviour - so if you want to recruit effectively or get the best out of existing teams, hold an Assessment Centre.

Assessment Centres
for better recruitment, promotion, training and teamwork

Identify the behaviour, skills and capabilities of your people before you invest:

Assessment Centres identify the behaviour, skills and capabilities of people before you invest Training, promoting, recruiting and investing in achieving maximum effectiveness from your people is a very costly exercise. If they were machines, you would probably carry out many checks and comparisons before installation to ensure they delivered the expected results. Assessment Centres allow you to do the same with your people before you invest heavily in their, and your, future.
"Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal." Albert Camus

Take out the risk! :

Assessment Centres remove the risk from recruitment The success rate in selecting a suitable job candidate from a well compiled structured interview is rated at less than 30% A well structured Assessment Centre, combined with an effective interview process, is stated as bringing the success rate up to at least 70%. Similar statistics apply to promotion and training that is not based on observable behaviours and capabilities. Assessment Centres cut the risk by more than half.
"A traditional interview has a reliability factor of between 5% and 19%" Source: British Psychological Society // Accord Group

Why use an Assessment Centre? :

Assessment Centres show 95% correlation with behaviour in the workplace Because there is a better than 95% correlation between the way participants behave in a series of experiential activities that have been matched to your competency and capability expectations and their behaviour in the workplace. Under pressure, interacting with a group of peers in differing activities, normal behaviour bubbles to the surface where can be observed and clinically noted.
"I am amazed. In 2 days, you identified behaviour that took us 2 years to discover" People & Quality Manager Sydney Water

The Assessment Centre Process:

Assessment Centres use a combination of activities and self-assessed and manager profiles An Assessment Centre elicits, observes and assesses behaviour in action and compares it with other data such as self-assessed personal profiles and participant & manager questionnaire feedback to form a three dimensional picture of the candidate and their aptitude for the required role. All tools and activities are selected to match the competencies and capabilities required by that role.
"How did you know? That's exactly me. You were spot on" Participant, Assessment Centre Program

Are you focusing on Words or Deeds? :

Assessment Centres focus on actions not just words Skills and behaviour, the two most important aspects in determining job success, are demonstrated in actions not words. By using one trained observer focusing on what just two participants do, skills and behaviours surface and are digitally noted regardless of the strength of a participants voice. The effect of their words, tone and body language on others is observed too - all an integral part of the process.

Effective Recruitment :

Assessment Centres are ideal for recruitment Assessment Centres are ideal for all kinds of recruitment where selection of the candidate that matches your competencies, capabilities and culture is important enough not to risk the trial and error approach. You can save time and energy on candidates that just make themselves look good on paper or have personality traits unsuited to the role. Combined with a logically structured interview, you have the most powerful and proven recruitment technique available.

Promote with Confidence :

Assessment Centres identify the best candidates for promotion In the past, promoting people to their level of incompetency and then dropping them a level was seen as a viable promotion strategy! An Assessment Centre saves all of the wasted time, manpower and emotional energy inherent in this imperfect strategy. You can now promote with confidence, knowing the strengths, weaknesses and aptitudes of each candidate and the likelihood of them bridging any skill gap that may be present.

Identify Real Training Needs - Individual and Group :

Assessment Centres highlight real training needs Assessment Centres identify your real and precise training needs on both an individual and collective basis. Your training dollar can be spent on exactly the right training intervention. Any structural issues can be isolated and eliminated before time, effort and money is wasted. Individual development plans can be laid out with confidence. Participants will feel their needs are being understood and met too!

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