Training Tips 1 - Team Building

team building

The first in the series of training tips is team building - because it is still the biggest demand for experiential training. But what is it that clients, both internal and external, want?

"Team Building" is a much used term that in fact covers a huge range of issues. From team dynamics to leadership of high achieving teams, from assessing performance to building shared vision and values

We have put together a list of 10 of the most common team building applications. If you are not yet team building, you may find some useful starting points.  And if you are already team building, you may consider extending your training in some of these directions.  These very different applications show how WorldGAMES training resources can be used in this very broad arena.

The mini games pack Ten Team Games to Rock Your Socks Off contains 10 action-packed games and exercises which have great value in any team-focused training which you run.

Please feel free to contact myself, John Radclyffe, at, for further information or help with your team building programs or other active business learning needs.

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John Radclyffe
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