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Ten Conflict Resolution Activities for Peace of Mind

A set of thought-provoking games and exercise which engage and entertain yet challenge participants to examine their assumptions and provide new tools and skills for use in conflict situations.

Active Listening Game

Exercise: Participants test the effects of not listening at all and listening actively on their partner's ability to communicate with them

A simple, effective introduction to active listening and how to do it

Advocacy and Inquiry

Exercise: Participants demonstrate their behaviour in a conflict situation and are provided with an alternative approach to improve resolution.

An effective means of communicating without losing rapport or creating tension and conflict

Dog With a Bone

Exercise: Participants write down, on a paper bone and in canine terms, a conflict within the workplace involving them and that is unresolved. Participants then place their bone in a dog bowl. Groups of participants draw the bones randomly and flipchart canine suggestions of ways to resolve the issue

A powerful way of depersonalising internal workplace conflict and providing lateral opportunities for resolution

The Duck Pond

Task: Teams build the longest single span bridge from lego blocks across the town duck pond while dealing with the environmentalist lobby

Graphic illustration of the effects of individual agendas overriding team purpose and the critical difference that common vision, values and goals makes on performance (20 mins)

I Statements Exercise

Exercise: Participants learn to express their emotions cleanly and without blaming others

A simple but powerful way to express feelings so that others can hear.

Mapping the Conflict

Exercise: Participants learn to use a simple but powerful Conflict Resolution tool

Provides participants with a emotion-free map of the conflict that enables all points of view to be seen in perspective and lead to resolution

MASH Emergency

Task: The MASH unit has been bombed. Only 6 of the 18 critically injured survivors can be saved. Participants and then teams decide who will be treated first

A test of values, empathetic teamwork and resolution skills in an emotive environment that challenges assumptions and prejudices (30 mins)

News Room Dilemma

Task: Team members are the editorial team at the news desk of an international newspaper. A sensational story is breaking and they are in a position to have a worldwide exclusive, if they can agree on the story angle to take in a minefield of conflicting values

A test of values, empathetic teamwork and resolution skills in an emotive environment that challenges assumptions and prejudices (30 mins)

Official Business

Exercise: Participants role play different conflict scenarios in teams of 3 or 4

Tests communication and conflict resolution skills and the ability to observe and coach others

Power Triangle Role Plays

Task: Participants role play different scenario from the position of "intimidator", "rescuer" and "victim"

A powerful way to understand how self and others operate

Each game in a WorldGAMES Games Pack includes a full description of how to play, a list of required equipment, approximate timing, venue requirements, full facilitator's script and optional variations.

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